When to tighten stops and look for exits?

Hi Seniors,

Im giving my entry based on dual time frame momentum, ADX and EMA crossover. For sometime during market hours, I am getting paper profits. But im failing to takes money out of the table at the end of the day. Can someone tell me what are the trend weakening signals with the above mentioned indicator combination??

Thanks in advance.

I personally think while trading intraday irrespective of your strategy you should trail your stop loss. BO order is a good way to do this.

You can use Stochastics Oscillator with %K and %D parameters set to your convenience/strategy.

thanks sir. are you saying to trail the stop in multiples of atr??

You mean, adjusting the parameters when looking for profit booking??

No. I meant that you can set the parameters of the Stochastics Osc convenient to the other indicators that you use. You need to back study Stochastic Osc signals along with the other indicators that you use.

yeah. i have done that. I was just wondering if there is a way to determine the reversals or consolidations after the market movement in a particular direction using these 3 indicators. i basically trail the stops to the pivot lows and highs, but they are giving me false breakouts.

I believe that the Leading indicators wud show the reversal in the direction of the market as they wud lead the market. But, it might show pre-mature reversal too. To exit a trade, try to use the signals from the Leading indicators on the Daily charts with parameters set to low values.