When will I get shares after Saregama demerger?

I had some Saregama shares on 27th July. I read the news, and found that, I am supposed to get “digidrive” company shares. digidrive is not listed, i think.

Does anyone know, when will digidrive get listed & i will get my shares?

If no, how to contact Saregama investor helpline and ask for some clarity?

How long can it take? Can it take years? What should I do?

Since you held Saregama eod 27 July 2023 you SHALL get 1 share of TO BE LISTED Digidrive distribution ltd for every 5 shares in about 60-90 days duly listed , depends on sebi relaxation . normal timeline to list a demerged resulting co is 60-90 days but in some cases it took much more time .

Generally, the credit of shares happens within 30 - 45 days from the record date.

Also, it depends on the RTA of the company.

Did anyone received digidrive shares ?

What is the tradingsymbol name?

not yet listed , awaiting sebi relaxation .