When will the BO start again?

Same opinion for me too, I am thinking that I shall open astha trade or Alice blue account soon, their leverage via same too

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If it is only that easy to solve we could have, once either sl or target is hit we should get the response and then send the message to cancel other leg,it will happen in milliseconds only but before that counter leg is also getting traded,said that we are trying to find a way around this.

Has BO been unlocked?
I read on this thread that it’s unlocked on short equity. Is this true?
Or has it started (or not started) on both?

Bracket Orders are blocked.

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Its better to look for alternatives. Upstocks, AliceBlue etc. Zerodha has blocked BOs since march and seems to have no intentions of giving an an approximate time to wait before it is unblocked, or communicating if they will unblock it at all, ever.

10 months is too long a time to find a way around processing multi leg orders and blaming volatility seems to be an easy escape. Especially for a service that is charging such a premium amount among its competitors


This repetitive response “oh just use GTT” seems ridiculous because people requesting that BOs be enabled are those who want to avail the leverage equal to cover orders. The issue with the current COs is that we can’t put a limit target and just have to exit and the way liquidity has drastically reduced, within seconds after reaching our preferred square off price the price moves away practically back to our initial order price. Secondly placing a second CO as target simply causes us to use double the amount of funds.
Zerodha has the technology to just do away with the retarded system of splitting orders. The traditional brokers never used to split single bracket order into multiple trades with each having targets and SLs thereby cluttering the terminal as well as jamming the broker’s servers.
I practically had practiced scalping with the help of BOs and in its absence I have only been suffering losses and am having to sit in front of the terminal throughout bearing the eye-strain and losing out profits like anything in the last year.

Exactly… Zerodha should definitely bring back the BO orders. Alternatively, an ammendment to cover order to let us trail stoploss.

Can you at least add the facility to trail orders in MIS or CO. Need something to trail sl automatically.

Trail comes as algo, so that is not allowed, BO is a algo product hence it is allowed only in that.

Its almost a year Zerodha blocked BO. I already shifted to other broker long ago. By seeing this thread today I feel that I made a wise decision. Now I only use Zerodha for charting and investment purpose. Trading in other brokerage firm with BO.

Which broker you shifted to provides BO??

i shifted to AliceBlue, but i think Upstox also provides BO/OCO orders

I do have an account with alice blue, however they do not provide BO. Also,upstox has also blocked all these CO/OCO orders.

Is there a special plan in alice blue which provides BO??

Okay, I use Aliceblue for trading in BO. I opted for Freedom 20 Plan. Angel broking also provides BO but as of now only on Angel Speed Pro and CTCL Terminals.

AliceBlue do provide BO. i use it everyday

@nithin @nithin BO is blocked :angry: how can i place trailing stoploss order in zerodha. at same time other broker provide this trailing stoploss orders

We have stopped it from over a year. We have blocked it permanently because we have noticed multiple times when there is sudden volatility both target and sl legs are getting executed resulting in extra open position with out no counter order sitting, this can result in loss to client and to broker also.

i wonder why this problem is not faced in GTT OCO orders?

GTT is totally different architecture hence we are pushing this even we are loosing lots of revenue.
In BO both sl and target sits at exchange, once one order is completed and response is received then instruction to cancel other leg is sent, it happens with in milli secs only but due to volatility before response is sent to that order also getting executed.
In GTT, both orders sit at broker infra, so once price trigger is received we release one leg and cancel other leg without sending to exchange itself., hence GTT is safe.

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can you not enable GTT OCO for MIS orders?

is the risk of “We have blocked it permanently because we have noticed multiple times when there is sudden volatility both target and sl legs are getting executed” not present in GTT OCO? and if the risk is not there you should be ok to enable GTT OCO for MIS as well…

basically i am allowed to place a particular order with GTT OCO setting using NRML, but exact same order cant be placed using MIS? this is the part i have not understood