When will we have Bracket order option in Zerodha for commodity exchange?

I have been using BO for my equity trades at Zerodha. I currently don’t see there is an option for BO in commodity. Would highly recommend to add BO for commodity too with the Margin that’s required.
No doubt your platform makes us to fall in love with trading. Thanks Zerodha !!

We are working on this, will take some time though.

Any update on the Bracket order for commodity?

any update on this??

Should be in next 3 to 4 weeks.

Hi Siva … Any update on Bracket order for commodities ?

Last 8- 10 weeks back, it was again said that it will be out in next 4-6 weeks. Dont know what calender days zerodha counts for 3-4 -5-6 weeks. Lol :roll_eyes:

Ya, this is delayed, few other things cropped up, this will take some more time.

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Is there any progress on this? Waiting eagerly for a long time.

We’ll keep you posted.

No, we may not offer this, we did internal testing and during volatile periods both sl and target are triggering, to contain both broker and client risk we won’t offer this as of now.

Thats ok. Clarity in reply is appreciated.