When will Zerodha add Hot key feature for CO in Kite Platform?

This could help us traders to enter trades more quickly.Through this traders could easily place orders by pressing the keys and later modify SL. @nithin @siva

Let me check on this but stop loss should be given before placing order only, anyhow if one is placing only CO then for every 2nd initiation of order window for that session CO only will be selected as default.

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But we could have hot keys like Shift +B to buy with full capital and a SL which is predetermined and set.Later the SL could be modified as per requirements.This feature is available with brokers in US markets.Zerodha could add this feature to kite.It would be really appreciable if you guys could add this feature. @siva @nithin

I am afraid this may not be possible as stop loss has a range in CO and is dynamic based on LTP.

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But this is already practical with US brokers.You guys could do some research on this and try to come up with something in future.It would benefit a lot of traders. @siva @nithin

To give you real picture this is not possible for now.

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How about adding a hot key for sell 1/4th ?
Could this be made possible?