When zerodha is going to launch level 3 or 20 market depth feature in kite app ? Any specific date ? Nithin confirm this feature on few social media platforms

@siva The feature is really cool. Thanks for bringing it live. But how can a retail trader really benefit from seeing upto 20 market depth? Also till when this feature will be available freely to all? And when it’ll be available on kite app?

If one is placing a market order for any illiquid or semi liquid scrip one can see the depth to know how deep is the order book at exchange and at what prices more volumes are pending, this will reduce slippage.
Can view pending orders for stock options and few OTM strikes and understand at what prices more orders are getting accumulated.
Anyhow more data points is good. 20 depth also ticks faster than regular.

No, this comes at a cost to us, after few weeks we will start charging for it but cost will be very minimal.

App will take sometime, maybe in next 2 to 4 weeks.

Will it be bundled with other premium stuff? I don’t mind paying for better quality data.

Amazing new Kudos :smile:

I want to know how this works , right now in default it is 5 market depth --> So is this exchange feed or this is also colo feed ?

I am just curious how you guys achieved it.

Nithin has explained in this post.

That is exchange feed.

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Yeah, I read it in the post by Nithin. What additional premium stuffs he was refering to? @siva

Will be coming out with basket orders, trading from charts, US stocks for indians and few other exciting features which can’t be named out for now.


@siva Regarding US stocks for Indians.how will we able to transact in the US stocks.Can we transact when the US exchanges start trading??

Yes, during US exchanges trading hours.

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only stocks or even index and options ?

I don’t think index futures or options can be traded for Us markets. Margin trading isn’t allowed according to RBI regulations. So only stocks can be traded without any leverage.

siva , please reminder you team for DARK MODE in Kite

It’s already their for the app. But the website doesn’t have the feature

May not happen on web, but few extensions are there where you can do it yourself.