Where can i get big news which can impact any stock significantly or any particular sector, like cabinet policy, buyback, annual result day

Basically i want news which guarantee movement of stock in a significant way( direction no bar…) magnitude matters.

market calendar by economic times is not that good. suggest any other

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You can use Zerodha Pulse where they try to give you instant news which is linked to trading platforms.

If not, you can also try moneycontrol.com.

There are also many more.


Only you have to analyse which news will impact the stocks or indices much. For news reading there are many websites. The most popular one is 1)Nseindia.com 2)moneycontrol.com. 3) zerodhapulse 4) screener.in


Hello Trader,

A retail trader can be updated with real time breaking news through different sources. 


1) The retail trader lacks the ability to interpret such news quickly enough: whether to go long or short. 

2) The News has already been discounted to the current value of the share by market makers.

3) On any news , a retail trader is FIRST SKEPTICAL > then WAITS FOR CONFIRMATION > later MAKES A DECISION at the end of the cycle.

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Yes, i too agree Economic Times calendar is not worthy but i love their post result analysis.

For me the below tools seems to be helpful,

Moneycontrol - Android App available

Businesstoday - Android App available

LiveMint - Android App available

Zerodha Pulse - Android App not available

You can try Zerodha, LiveMint, CityFALCON, NSEIndia

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did no find them much useful…any other?

u may follow in twitter some useful business news handle where can u get news instantly.

my strategy is based upon magnitude, no direction , no analysis. just want that a particular news gaurantee some movement. i play on both side. do u know any such website

Hi, Please check this site out: http://www.heckyl.com/ . You can request a demo at: [email protected]