Where can I get capital gains statements


I started investing this year, and made some random one at the start. Then I realised going through online materials and withdrew all those. Most of those are profits, but one or two are loss because of exit load. Because of these realised gains, positive and negative, I understand that I have to file ITR 2 next year.

I started reading up on how to do that, and came across this link:

Apparently, I need some capital gain statement per scheme and need to add all the details in ITR. But after redemption, I didn’t receive any such document. Is these statements same as CAS or something different? If not, where can I get it for all my investments?


  1. I used PayTm Money for investments.
  2. I understand that transaction wise reporting is not required for short term gains, but I just want to be familiar with the process and hence looking for these statements.
  3. I saw gain statement generation options on KFinTech website, but my investments are not coming there. It’s saying there are no realised gains after providing my email and PAN, while same combination lead to successful and correct generation of CAS with investments in AMC with KFinTech as RTA (for example Axis and PGIM).

Hello, any reply from anyone?

If my question is stupid, and makes no sense, that’s fine, but please let me know why at least.