Where can i get up to date quarterly financial results

Hi ,

Is anybody aware of where can i get up to date quarterly financial results ?
Preferably in a downloadable format . Even a paid service is fine.
The NSE website has the data , but the updation is arbitrary . Some of the results are updated immediately while some will take a long time after the results. So i am looking for any other reliable source of quarterly results which gets updated within a day or two of results being published.


You can get/download this data on Screener, Ratestar and Moneycontrol but in some cases there might be a few issues with the data.

You can get up to date quarterly financial results from www.bse.com or from the official website of that company.
Above two are the most trusted source to get any information related to company results.

Thanks Bhuvanesh and Atanu_Biswas for the response.
Adding my observation for the benifit of others :
bseindia.com the results data is very unreliable . They numbers are all messed up often . (compared with quarterly results from a respective comany website ,bseindia.com, nseindia.com and moneycontrol before concluding bse data is not reliable)
Taking from official website of each company is not a option because i cannot automate it .
nseindia.com and screener.in seems to be good. I will try these.
screener.in has some errors too (ex : PFC Q3 2016-17 has wrong operating expense and as a result operating profit margin is around 90%)

Have you automated it? Just curious to know