Where can I see my account statement

I’d like to understand if there is a way to see your account statement; similar to a bank statement. The idea is to track how much I’m charged per transfer.

Check your Ledger in Q.

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for transaction charges you need to see P&L in reports in Q.

Does per transfer here refer to the transfer of funds?

The ledger isn’t showing how much zerodha charges everytime for transfer of funds.

How’s this possible?
Every Time when I add funds to my Trading Account I can see the charge Debit of ₹10.62

If you transfer funds using IMPS/NEFT/RTGS, then there are no charges from Zerodha’s end. Only if you use the ‘add funds’ option from with kite which uses the Atom gateway, then you will be charged Rs.10.62 per payin, regardless of the transfer amount.

Hey @Srinivas Using above Methods, do Funds reflections in My Trading Account the moment I Transfer?
Is it Instant?

I have not used IMPS/NEFT/RTGS That’s why I am asking.

IMPS is almost instant, can take upto 10 mins to reflect in trading account once transferred. NEFT/RTGS takes upto 2 hours to reflect in your trading account depending on the batch in which the transfer is processed.

Okay, Thank you for Information @Srinivas :+1:

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I think this info about difference in charges and time for transfer should be put somewhere in funds transfer window. ( may b i not aware)
If nothing Atleast it will save few rupees.

Download the contract notes for the period in pdf format.

How can we do that?

Add Zerodha as a beneficiary in your netbanking and then initiate an IMPS/NEFT. The transferred funds will reflect in your trading account. You can find Zerodha’s bank details here.


I agree, I use only IMPS from day 1 and the funds are reflecting in account in about 5 minutes during market hours.

can we transfer money through different bank account than the one which is already mapped…i mean is it in rule …or only money from mapped account is allowed for trading.

I don’t think it is possible. Zerodha maps your bank account with your trading account, so if you transfer funds using that bank account then it credits the trading account. If you use a different bank account then it won’t possibly know which trading account to credit.