Where can I see the margin blocked on my F&O trades individually for each trade?

I’ve tried various places, q, kite and Pi but couldn’t find it. I want to know the margin blocked for each different trade that I have done.

Margins are never blocked position-wise. The margins that are blocked for overnight positions that you take, are determined using SPAN (Standard Portfolio ANalysis of risk) which is a proprietary software which helps in determining the risk for futures and options contract by scanning over sixteen different price and volatility scenarios. The margins blocked are always on the entire ‘portfolio’.



where can i see the margin blocked for previous month?.

for e.g what was the margin blocked for the month of April if i had traded FNO and held them overnight.

Assuming you have only options portfolio, i need this to calculate ROC for the previous months.

Anyway to add this as feature in your reports?


You can check your ledger for this. On the day you’ve traded and held the positon, there would be an entry posted on your ledger as: SPAN margin debit, Exposure margin debit.