Where do I find a comprehensive manual that will give me information of functions of scripts?

I am new to pi also my understanding to programming is limited. However I would like to know if there is a pdf available which will give the information about the functions and acceptable commands for coding in pi.

NOTE: I am not using Amibroker.

It is available in Pi already.

Follow the link-

Help-> Tradescrupt Help

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But that is having only one chapter? Where are other chapters, I am more interested in chapter 4.

Thanks. Somehow Tradescript Help option doesn’t show anything on my screen. Maybe it’ a bug. I found a pdf file available for Tradescript programming language.
I have no way to verify if its the same one.

Can you please verify and let me know if its correct one?
If it is then this may help others too.

yes, that is same.

Ok. thanks. That was helpful.