Where do I get interest of SGB Bond that I bought from Zerodha?

I am trying to track the interest that we get from SGB bond. I have a SGB AUG 27. Around what date Can i see credit in my bank account.

With what name entry will come into my bank ledger ?
Does the interest come twice per year ?

Interest will be credited twice a year. Entry particulars will be something like this -

NEFT - NSDL/CDSL - (Account Number) - (Bank Name) - Account Number

The interest payment for SGB is done twice per year, every 6 months from date of issuance. You can check the issuance date for SGBs here: Reserve Bank of India

The payment is done by CDSL/NSDL, so you should see bank entry by their name plus details of bond etc. Depositors also send email, explained here:

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twice a year with 2.5% return after every 6 months?

The 2.5% interest is per annum. For 6 months it’ll be 1.25%.

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