Where does Zerodha get this money from for lending (Zerodha gets RBI nod to lend loans)

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Recently Zerodha got RBI nod to lend loan .
Where is Zerodha getting the money from for lending ?
Is Zerodha going to use our un-utilised balances in the trading account for lending to others ?
@Nithin , Can you please share more details on it .

I don’t get this SEBI is limiting exposure for retail investors based on income. RBI wants Zerodha to lend money for what?

@newguy act as a NBFC

Zerodha capital is a separate business/company. There is no way any client money can be used for any other purpose. Especially with the new SEBI enhanced supervision rules, there is no way one clients funds can be used for anything other than for his own trading purposes.


Please also mention that all brokerages have to file a report to the exchanges about the clients funds being retained for various purposes. All brokerages also have to issue a statement to the client about money that is retained in the individual accounts.

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Thanks @Nithin, that is re-assuring.