Where is it cheaper to trade?

Where is it cheaper to trade? NSE or BSE?
On a delivery trade of say Rs. 1,00,000/-, how much would be the difference if any?
And what would be it for an intraday trade for the same amount?
Or there is no difference at all and both the exchanges have exactly the same charge structure?


The Security Transaction Tax(STT) remains the same for both NSE and BSE. It is 0.1% on both Buy and Sell side for Equity Delivery and it is 0.01% on the Sell side for Equity intraday.

Transaction Charges differ for NSE and BSE and hence the Service tax also varies because Service tax = 15% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charge).

Transaction Charge on the total turnover is 0.00325% for NSE and 0.00275% for BSE. The transaction charge is lower for BSE.

So on a trade of 1 lakh, Transaction Charge for NSE is Rs.3.25 and the Transaction Charge for BSE is Rs.2.75. This would also make the Service Tax for Bse lower. This will be the same for both Delivery and Intraday.

Here is the charge list.

A screenshot has also been attached for your reference.


BharatW, thanks a ton for your ‘precise’ answer.
That clarifies everything.