Where to get historical supply & demand data for commodities?

i need data only with respect to indian market and NYSE / CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE / COMEX.

free data would be better , low accuracy is workable .

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Check for US related and for crude and other commodities @ http://www.forexfactory.com

London metal exchange publish details on regular basis about metals https://www.lme.com/

Indian reserves wont make much impact on prices of crude or metals.


For metals you can use   www.kitco.com

on this website.. you found all historical data and charts for all commodities.. specially for metals..

Can you elabote the question, what exactly you mean by supply and demand?

in the newspapers there are comments that there is excess / surplus reserves of crude oil , silver , copper commodities . hence prices may go down or vice-versa to this .
how & from where do they get these data ?
i want these info with regards to indian excahnges, US exchanges & hongkong exchanges
thank you