Where to invest my 5L to pay EMIs of the loan

Some banks even have lock-in period till the end of the tenure wherein you have to pay full remaining incl the interests example RBL bank

don’t do that mistake specially when you don’t know about investment world and asking for a free advice on internet …I did same mistake and suffered a lot due to this…


It’s not only about free advice but also have to safeguard against those paid fakesters who provide advice for a fee and screw us unless someone genuinely interested to help and who understands the situation like this.

I think @vvn2023 should find his own path in this money world. For a while, He might get some tips, might make profit. But on long run basis, He can’t always trust on others. Weather it’s up or downfall. He should fight by his own. He will suffer anyway if he is depending on others.


Don’t say only free advice. I took advice from some of the so called best advisors appearing on CNBC…damn fraud… he advised companies like Bhushan steel, Videocon, jet, and several others which were down by more than 80%… so all are same… unless u spend time learning yourself (and it will take 2-3 yrs) abt investing, go with best mutual funds…


Well I don’t comment but as U already took a loan; I feel sad about it. Buddy don’t enter in market that’s my point; return asap your loan without using or pay from salary.
And about trading !! well give at least 6 months and learn the basic and then do whatever you wanna do. tk cr

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One should never go for any type of loans or credit cards until and unless you need it badly as in long term they are very bad.In your case you have to pay fixed interest 11.75% but your return interest rate of Invesment is not fixed. Instead I would suggest go for Fixed Deposit or Mutual Funds if you don’t know much about Equity. By looking current market, election and other factors it is very risky to invest in equity or in mutual funds. You can go for PPF as well in this situation or you can increase your PF amount if you don’t know how to save money. If you go in PF or PPF way then your salary will be less compare to current salary and you don’t have to plan anything else as it is already handled.

Do no invest in Stocks market. Go for fd.
If you do not have experience more than 3 years in the market, you may loss all your money. Do not trade or believe anyone for tips because if you loss money :dollar: :yen: than you have to suffer. Best of luck. Read :open_book: books :orange_book: of different stock market then only you can learn.

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For whatever my advice is worth, as a senior citizen having been there and done that, let me add to the several other sane suggestions on this thread. Particularly FIRE55.

Do whatever it takes to foreclose this loan, NOW! Even if it means taking a small loss.

Do not trade in the stock market. Particularly day trading. Sure way to loose money and get into deeper debt.

Get yourself educated in financial planning and investment.

Read tons of books on the subject.

Reinvent yourself and learn to save as much as you can from your salary. 30% would be ideal.

Invest for the long term with planned goals, targets and objectives

Understand and believe in the power of compounding.

Being debt free is the best decision you can make in your entire life.

Take advice from a professional financial planner/ adviser.

Check out Goalwise. I found them very good. But research and take your own call.

Do it now!

All the best.

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Borrowing bank loan at commercial interest rate & investing in highly volatile equity stocks, without proper knowledge is not a very wise idea.
The first 1-3 Years, invest those money in 101 books, gaining good theoretical knowledge about stock trading, investment, capital risk management, equity mkts trends, rhythms, broader economy etc. It is very much possible to achieved the goal, but only after gaining real knowledge(TREASURE KEY) of the subject we re interested in…

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How about putting that money in some realestate?

Finally from all the suggestions, I realized that it is not a good idea to take loan and then invest.
@Rajaram_Vel, how to save 30% of salary?
From the last two years I was able to invest some 25K into the MF.

As mentioned by @FIRE55 and @Vinay_S I will be noting down all the expanses to check unnecassary expanses but not able to indenty what is important or not.

When spending the money on something, I feel that whatever I am spending is necessary for me.

@anon99108009, Hopefully, I will find my own path :slight_smile:

Taking a loan and investing is really bad idea. Its not recommended. You can always save. Your spending should be always lesser than earning. Also, avoid tempting buying like smartphone etc. I suggest you to immediately pay back your loan. Hope you understand this.

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sir, don’t invest that money in market repay your loan if you don’t have any knowledge about stock market


You can still make a good investment. Buy the nifty bees etf or any index fund. Hold for 5 years. You will make more money than the interest as well.Good luck!

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Bad idea. The probability of losing that money is higher than any potential profits, especially if you are new to trading. Now that you've already taken the money, you can repay with your salary and think of trading options like PAMM, use of EA or copy trading. That is if you are interested in forex or whichever options you have. Either way, be ready to lose, so if you don't want that, just repay your loan and relax

Its better to play safe than end up being sorry. If you are new in the stock market, don’t even think of investing that money. Just repay your loan with it and and think of something else. You can start learning how to trade afresh and find other means of saving, rather than trading on loan

Use covered calls in Bank Nifty. Buy 200quantity of BN Bees. Sell ATM Call every Thursday. Taking Average Price of Call @ Rs 250, you can earn Rs 5000 per week. To protect your Bees, you can by deep OTM puts if needed which will take away Rs 1-1.5k from your profit

Correct. Do the same for saving.
Suppose after a very hard time and giving lots of interviews, you got selected and the salary offered to you was Rs.15000/month. You accepted the offer.
But what if they offered you Rs.13,000 instead? You may definitely accept the offer.
So, the difference of Rs. 2000 is Saving for you here. Think like you were offered 13K only, not 15K.

Same way whatever your salary is, Try to put 20-30% aside in SIP, Equity, etc. Whatever you like.
For Mutual Funds, Zerodha Coin is highly recommended. And if you want to learn about investing and all go through the Ultimate Educational Material by Zerodha Varsity.

Hope this will Help!

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