Where to show tender route listed share buyback gains in itr

Hi how to show tender route buyback gains in ITR, profit comes under EXEMPT income or in others?
From my broker downloaded P&L REPORT they shown under capital gains they consider it as profit but tender rout buyback of listed shares have zero tax in the hands of investors.
1)Where to show tax free gains/profit in ITR under exempt income or other?
2)why brokerage report shown as capital gains why they consider it as profit(amount obtained by tender route buyback)

@Quicko can you please assist us with this query?

Hi @guru_shekhar

The buyback is exempt in the hands of the investor.

  1. The amount of Profit is Exempt and can be reported under the Exempt Income
  2. The brokers include in their report as the shares sold are capital gains for the broker, this is a tax reporting requirement. The report of the broker will show the profit as it is the actual profit made by the user.

Hope this helps.

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Thank u very much Sir, should i show buyback gains in capital gain section first & then get exemption by showing it in exempt income section ? Or directly mention only in exempt income section? Please reply

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Would be simple to directly show in exempt income.

Hi @guru_shekhar

You can directly show it under “Exempt Income”.

Sir in schedule exempt income which category should i select to show tender route buyback gains? waiting for your answer

You can show the exempt income under section 10(34A).

I would still recommend consulting your CA or your tax representative before filling the returns.

Thankyou Sir