Whether brokerage is levied on In the Money options (bought) on expiry

If not squared off before expiry, Whether brokerage is levied on in the money options (bought) on expiry?

When you take a Long position brokerage will be charged on that leg of the trade. If you let your position expire, there will be no brokerage on second leg if it expires OTM, if it expires ITM there will be brokerage charged.

Also on ITM Long Options exchange charges additional STT of 0.125% on Intrinsic Value of the Option.

One more thing! STT of same amount (not less or higher) anyway will be leviable if we ourself squareoff the position, RIght?

If you square-off your position, STT will be charged as how it normally is, which is 0.05% on sell side. You can calculate all the charges here.

Was there a policy change recently?
Because last I checked Zerodha used to charge brokerage on exercised ITM options!

Above I forgot to clarify ITM, OTM scenario :pray:
If your position expires ITM brokerage is charged, if it expires OTM, there will be no brokerage.

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Please share page details of zerodha website where Under Charges rules for FnO, This rule is written that ITM expired option will be entitled to brokerage… because I can’t found any rule/statement related to this kind of situation (ITM options let to expire and it will charged brokerage where as OTM will not be charged)…I had read full page of charges page of zerodha but I didn’t found anything clearly written about charges and brokerages for this kind of situation…so please share the link where different kind of situations including this situation and charges related to this situations are written clearly…