Whether options on NSE and BSE are american and european?



​The last two characters signify the type of option.

CE means Call European

PE means Put European

CA means Call American (not being used by NSE)

PA means Put American (not being used by NSE)


AFAIK, BSE also dont have American Options, not sure though.

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so , nse and bse does not have american option , which means which cannot be exercised before expiry?

Yes, it cannot be exercised before expiry, all options are settled on expiry date only.
But you can always square off your option when you are in profits (the exercising right gets transferred from you to somebody else)

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how can i do that? i have position in INFY18OCT630PE and in profit…wish to cash out profit…how can i do it?

How did u take the position u do reverse of that?