Which among these paint stock is good for lifelong holding and dividend payout?

Asian paints
Kansai Nerolac
Berger paints

i want to hold one paint stock for lifetime but not able to decide which one the above three.

Asian Paints


2 Paint company only market leader make it 50:50

Asian paint deploy 50%
Berger paint 50% - because spreading risk


Yesbank is not a paint stock buddy. And i have decided to stay away from banking stocks even from HDFC Bank.

But look at valuations of these paint stocks

yes bank and HDFC bank have lot of difference , YEs bank learnt a very good lesson , HDFC Bank is stable how and why i will explain

YES BANK - yes bank is given 80% of loan to corporate , yeas bank retail loan book is percentage below than 15%
yes bank really forget to spread the risk , means ther is no proper loan book risk management , each and every corporate yes bank give 1000 + crore , 3 corporate bankrupt means loss will be 3000+ crore , the same thing is happened now ,

HDFC BANK - hdfc bank is 90% loan given to retail customer , 70% of loan value is below 25 lakhs only , corporate loan is very small like 3% in hdfc bank , defaulting 10 % also the bank will not impact much , because HDFC bank strictly follow the loan book risk management

HDFC bank can generate 15 % CAGR return for next 15 years + with stable — good luck


Very well explained Riyas bhai… :+1:
If HDFC has the potential to give 15% GAGR, i’ll definitely study it.

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Great details Riyas Bhai,

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Please give your views on GRSE, IRCTC, I didn’t get the IPO, but I want to buy it now on dip

Hai @DA3110 ,

Stick with great business that will reward forever even you can sleep well -Warren Buffet

IRCTC , GSRSE these stock are new , i dont like PSU stock , now 150 railway station want to be privatized from the government , these stocks are speculation of government news only i bet these stock will not go anywhere from here , so FII are not interested in these kind of stock , so i will not buy because of these thing are not great business ,
Stick with quality-
next multibageer is insurance and AMC company and selected bank and FMCG of great franchise , these kind of stock are forever i am investing , i am accumulating on every dip ,i am not chasing anystock is giving 100% last one year no , i will stick with only quality

one tips i am giving see the stock where FII is holding more than 25% that stock only will go stable growth and steady returns - good luck


stock i like HUL. HDFC AMC, HDFC BANK, RNAM, ICICILIFE, SBILIFE, ICICI Lombard, HUL, ITC , PETRONET LNG, INFY, NIFTYBEES, BANKBEES , GOLDBEES, TITAN, BANDHAN BANK , Dabur,asianpaint , bergerpaint i am accumulating these stock on every month no need to worry if these fell down buy more sleep well


Great choice …got to know more.

But wondering why TCS,pidilite,ttkprestige or any pharma or any battery stock is not on your list?

Pidilite i have , TCS i dont have . ttk i dont like , i replace tcs to techmahindra for new generation business and valuation i did in list all stock there only high quality stock , and evergreen stock if i seen i will buy and hold forever, In my strategy somebody named as COFFEECAN portfolio, see the topic in youtube you will become good investor

IN pharma sun pharma i like but i will accumulate form next year onwards , battery stock are cyclical i dont like , i need conistent business stock only , I have apollo hospital


Thanks for the suggestion. Will definitely watch it.

That is also true.



You can check here.