Which are the best resources to follow for day trading?

Which are the good resources like twitters, insta, youtube channels, blogs to follow for day traders ?

Please could you order them in terms of quality of information and usefulness ? Only free resources please :slight_smile:


It’s a very abstract answer. The author is requesting youtube channel name.

Search V. P. Financials on youtube. He trades in banknifty futures only for intraday. He has some skills. Maybe you can benefit from it.

As per my experience is what helped me very much is

1.First learn from zerodha varsity all modules mainly Fundamental analysis,Technical analysis & Risk management (not just read, study & internalize as it’s confusing in starting)

  1. Simultaneously, create Dmate account and create your strategies with all market possible scenerios

  2. As per my view, in starting your all strategies should be made like that from very first day you should know your maximum loss and how you will manage if it happens.

As nithin kamath sir always says, “whenever I start business or any new venture, I think what worst can happen and if my mind is ok with it, I go ahead”

Hope it will help you
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