Which are top 2 Mutual Fund Investment Apps

Hello Everyone
Please share your inputs about which are the most trusted, reliable, and tech focused ‘Direct Plan’ Mutual Fund Apps (Without requiring Demat) ?
Any top 3.

You can choose Kuvera for your mutual fund investment. Easy and clean interface.

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Hi Sajjad, does Kuvera requires demat for mutual funds ?

Kuvera keeps your Mutual Funds into normal folio mode with all the benefits SWP, STP, AMC SIP, exact cutoff time etc. No demat account require for this.


What are your views about ET Money, Paytm Money or CAMS app ?

  1. MF utility
  2. CAMS

Both consolidate your investment. MF utility has wider choice of funds.

Groww,Zerodha coin are also good.