Which brokers currently offer brokerage and orders types that zerodha offers?

Who are good zwrodha alternatives just wanna know how much zerodha innovation had been adopted by others

This is a very sensitive subject for discussion, on a trading forum paid and hosted by Zerodha.

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,Chill…cool…relax,do u think zerodha is afraid of such things?

last week i nearly got booted out.

:slight_smile: @portfolioplus911 come on, let’s be honest. You were being insensitive in that post of yours.

@Vinay_S Nothing to be afraid about. But we don’t want to let people use this platform to promote businesses. If we allow, people faking to be genuine clients of other brokers, tipsters, advisers etc will start polluting this.

You could just google to get your answer.

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Yes I understood now

Why what happened?

anyone trading with https://zebuetrade.com/
how is it?