Which companies has affected your lives positively or negatively?

During last two decades can you name any companies which has changed lives and you have experienced first hand? This is not limited to last two decade you can name any company which has chance to make some impact in the future?

apple - iPod , mac and iPhone :heart_eyes:
started listening to more songs after the release of iPods

Recently Jio has been breaking records in terms of subscribers. And their Fiber connection is quite good as well. Earlier it used to cost about 2k per month with idea for phone bills now 500 is enough for 2 to 3 months. And I don’t remember when was the last time I paid for home internet as their fiber connections is free until further notice.

And Zerodha ofcourse has completely changed the scenario of discount brokerage.


Apart from Zerodha and Jio, I think Amazon (and to some extent Big Bazaar) had that kind of impact on my life. I have completely gone online when it comes to grocery and household shopping.

And Kindle has given access to so many interesting books that I couldn’t have imagined some 10 years back.


Reliance, Apart from Zerodha and Jio , its Reliance Fresh bringing goodness to household shopping . and Reliance TRENDS and Jio Music too :heart_eyes:

There is one more company called fiverr.com which helps freelancers like me to sell services in the form of gigs. Pretty good one. Also if you are an entrepreneur you can find great people selling their services there. Ranging from $5 to almost $10k.