Which indicator gives us an idea of number of green candles?

I want an indicator which gives me an indication of number of green candles inside a given time period. Is there any indicator or oscillator which gives this data in streak platform?

Hi @kiranf,

No currently this is not possible since the function that is required to do this is under development. It will be released in the future.

How knowing this can help? I am Qrious…

You can get free candles data from alpha vantage.

I don’t think strategy to count such candles will work.

I was experimenting with an entry setup for stocks in which number of green (or red) candles is used as a simple measure of strength (there are others like RSI). Along with other data to make decision. So I was just checking whether that option is available in Streak.

Thanks for the info. I am hearing about them for first time. What is their business model? Why are they giving away it for free?

Something about AlphaVantage

I think they(aphavantage) do have paid also.

I used this for basic strategies in my initial time.

You can also use streak(from Zerodha) for this by creating rule. It’s also free for few days.try this.

Check attached rule if useful for you. I didn’t test.

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May be right.
For initial study, I used these kind of free resources.

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This is just is just checking if on the 3rd candle close has become higher than open, ie a green candle has formed and the prev candle would have been red, as close would have been lower than open.

Probably @kiranf you can look for some other indicators, Positive/Negative volume Index come to my mind by reading what you are trying to do. You can also look at some other oscillators which define their value based on rising/falling prices and in their equation for calculations

I was just showing we can use Nth candle.:smiley:

One can use this to get counts or some other usage.

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Thanks… I am trying to do some thing similar as you mentioned using other indicators which provide this up down data.

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