Which is best option to start earning in stock market?

how to enter into stock market field and how to get started with. I don’t know about stock market completely.
Can anyone say how to start in stock market?

Use smallcase

Is it like mutual fund?


1.You need a Trading Account for Buying & Selling share.

2.Get familiar with the trading Platform.

3.Learn some basic about Stock market.

4.Keep things simple Look for companies which you think doing good and can performing better in upcoming years.

5.Stay away from Trading Intraday untill you gain experience in stock market.

6.Now, If You have selected Any company for Investment Buy That company share in CNC and hold for some days, months.
The day you achieve your target % of return You can sell that share or you can hold it if Return are increasing.

It’s not that simple. You will have to keep yourself updated and you will do good if you will stay away from day Trading.

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You should definitely start with this. Its one of the most comprehensive resources on learning about the Indian stock markets - https://zerodha.com/varsity/

learn the basics ->build a strategy -> test it out -> fine tune it

You can ask your questions on tradingqna as well, the people here are very helpful! :slight_smile:

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