Which is the best charting platform available in India? Is there a way to get NSE/ MCX signals in MT4 platform?

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If you're talking about a "charting-only" platform, what's available the world over is avaiable in India. That's the beauty of software, you can buy it anywhere. We have eSignal, MetaStock, AmiBroker, what not.

More recently, there have been some good charting platforms that have been designed keeping the Indian market's interest in mind. We have something called Spider which is a desktop platform available exculsively for Indian markets. We have icharts.in which is a paid service but gives you the convenience of having a fairly professional charting software usable anywhere in the world on any computer.

Getting down to business: I can say that the best charting/trading platform offered by brokers directly to the clients is TradeTiger from Sharekhan and of course Nest which is rebadged and offered by a multitude of brokers.


The best is definitely E-Signal, I don’t think any platform comes close to it.

Any way to NSE/MCX signals in MT4(metatrader) platform?

I guess what you meant was how to get NSE/MCX data on MT4 platform, so you can use it for charting. You can also write strategies on MT4 usign the MQL language, and once you have strategy written you can also get signals to buy/sell based on your strategy.

First charting and alphametrix are two companies that I know who offer NSE/MCX data in format required for MT4.


Professional traders always suggest plain intraday chart analysis for succesful trading.

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If you are looking for a ’ free licensed’ charting platform / software then you can Ninjatrader is good. It has the latest C# programming capability for analysis

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Which all brokers use NEST?

I think there must be at least 30 decent brokerage firms who use NEST. The best among them, of course, is Zerodha. One needs to also note that NSE gives a free platform called NOW which is a Siamese twin of NEST. Most brokers now give NSE NOW to their client to save on infrastructure costs.