Which is the best TIMEFRAME for the short term traders? ( Holding period 2 - 5 days)

this question irritation me from many days, i am working on techical analylsis on f&o stocks.

no intraday, just hold some stock from 2-3 days to 1 week maximum.

which is the best time frame according to you to get execute my trading decisions.

i mean i filtered out that 15 MIN & HOURLY for now, but from these 2 or any other what would you prefer

please help

thank you in advance

In MCX Hourly is the best time frame for Short term positional trade. Since Equity segment is more volatile than MCX and will give u big rewards if u trade acc to Hourly time frame. but be caution as it give u big SL also.

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what is best TF for F&O stock segment ?

15mins charts should do for 2-5 days or BTST/STBT… with small SL and high TGT…