Which is the best trading platform

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Zerodha PI video seems impressive.

Could vouch on it to be a better platform! (once it is fully bug proof) :slight_smile:


I have seen few snapshots of charting on TWS (Interactive Brokers) seems good.

As for I used, I felt, NEST trading platform is best

for a normal trader who does not want too many frills, ZT is great, and Zerodha’s brokerage also is cost effective. But you may also want to try Interactive Brokers…

Have you guys seen Zerodha Pi? :) ,we should be out with it very soon

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Trader Workstation(TWS) from Interactive Brokers.

I think most of the trading platforms in India are derivative of NEST platform from Financial Technologies.

Also, eagerly looking forward for Zerodha Pi.

I Have Use 8 Years on ODIN Best User Friendly For Manual Traders But Need Automations & Plugins We Can Get NEST OR PI Ex…

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As for me I like NEST Trader of Zerodha, it is very easy and simple to use. Five star rating from my side.

Dont know about trading software but I like this analytics company and their tools.


Yeah, Have seen the video, seems promising!

Looks promising. Been waiting for it. Hope it comes out soon

in TWS(interactive brokers) when we have to place a buy or sell order at the present value of the script all we do is click one button (that shows present value ) and then click either buy or sell button…
they do not have to place an order manually i.e. not type the numbers unless they are making a buy/sell stop order that is not the current value(jaise making a dtop loss 2-3 points away uske liye to manuaaly hi order daalna padega) …
so can we also have the same facility by just clicking a button to buy or to sell and not manually enter numbers in an order…thankyou