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The stock market is a really wide platform and provides with a spectrum of opportunities. When you begin your journey and delve into the world of finance and investment you should have some basic knowledge about how the market functions. These include the functioning of the market and the trading world as a whole.

Whenever a company decides to go public, there is an entire process that has to be followed. A most important part of it is the Initial Public Offering(IPO). It is with this that any company enters the market and goes public, makes its shares available for the investors. Before starting to trading you’ll require a DEMAT account and a trading terminal. This allows you to to buy and sell shares.

Next step for you will be to get accustomed to various terminologies that you’ll encounter while performing trades and looking at the market position. You can learn and get familiarised with these jargons at Learn about Stock market

The three most important points that you need to know are

Learn to analyse the market:

Being familiar with different market trends and staying in sync with the market is the key to successful investing. You need to keep an eye on uptrends and maximise your profits while at the same time keep an eye out and protect your portfolios during a downtrend. You should keep in mind about how the market trend affects your portfolio. About 75% of the stocks move with the market, giving you an opportunity to make money, but this also means that they go down as well at times when the market is having a downtrend. Keep an eye out for such points. Look out for major stock market indexes such as Sensex and NIFTY. These indexes are the best gauges of the market’s overall strength. Know what to do at each stage of the market’s trend: Confirmed Uptrend, Uptrend Under Pressure, Downtrend and Rally Attempt.

How to buy stocks:

Once you have identified a leader in the market, it’s important to know the right time to buy the stock. Learn about various bases and patterns that form in the market. Understand what these patterns indicate and what should one do when these patterns start forming. Understand the importance of bases and what are the buying points. You can learn all about bases on the MarketSmith India learning page. It will give you a thorough understanding of the bases that form and how you can recognise them. Keep an eye out for different chart pattern observed. Most common of these are,

Cup with Handle or Cup without Handle

Double Bottom

Flat base

You can learn more about chart patterns from the MarketSmith India

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