Which is the quickest way to check IPO allotment status

hello traders,

which is the quickest and straight forward way to check if shares has been allotted or not for any ipo application in India ?

Also, if shares have been allotted, how will the applicant know of it ?

To check an IPO status you can do it either from the BSE or NSE site. If you are asking this in relation to the D-Mart IPO, the basis of allotment will be announced on March 16th. There is no way of knowing the status of an application before it.

Hi @Bhuvan,

Thanks for the reply.

Does NSE and BSE have the same records ?

Is it further limited to where you apply from etc etc ?

I don’t think it should matter. The data will be uploaded by members/banks and will be the same everywhere. Give it a shot and let me know if there is any issue.

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any idea on the second part of the main question ?

I had answered this here. So when there is a credit in your demat account you will receive an SMS from the depository. You can also check your bank balance on the next day after the announcement of the basis of allotment when the ASBA funds will be unblocked (17th March in case of D-mart)