Which is your favorite movie/tv series/book on trading/investment?

My personal favorite movie is:

  1. The big short.

Books are:

  1. Investment - The Intelligent Investor
  2. Trading - The market wizards by Jack Schwager.

What’s yours?


Rich Dad Poor Dad - by Robert Kiyosaki
One up on Wall Street - by Peter Lynch
Trading for a Living - by Elder Alexander
Trading in the Zone - by Mark Douglas

I like reading. Books i m reading this week end are

  1. Thinking fast and slow - Daniel Kahneman
  2. Against the Gods The Remarkable Story of Risk - Peter L. Bernstein - A

Both are related to psychology, one of my favourite subject.

I also like listening to high-pitch songs during trading hours (Especially if i felt dull or down in the morning). Some of the songs in my current list

  1. Portugal man- Feel it
  2. The wall flowers-The empire in my mind
  3. Jennifer lopez - Feel the light (movie: Home)
  4. Europe - The final countdown
  5. katy perry - Fire work- Katy perry
  6. Mandisa - overcomer
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