Which ITR and if audit required for salaried inidividual

I am a salaried individual with yearly income of 497000. I did small intraday trading and short term trading Following is my P&L from zerodha

|Intra-day / Speculative profit|28.70|
|Intra-day / Speculative turnover|29.60|
|Short-term profit|-734.85|
|Short-term turnover|16654.85|
|Long-term profit|0.00|
|Long-term turnover|0.00|

|Total charges
|Turnover charges|1.38|
|Service tax|0.37|
|Stamp duty|3.57|
|SEBI charges|0.07|
|Total charges|38.33|

Now I am very much confused about which itr form should I use for filing tax this year? Do I need audit? If yes is there any way to avoid audit?