Which one is better, regular option traders opinion needed

hello option traders, i wanted to ask which one is better for option trading(both writing & buying) zerodha or fyers?
the problem is i’ve never traded with fyers but heard that they are good & i’ve experienced buying difficulties in zerodha many times it says i can’t buy due to liquidity issues well i know these liquidity issues & zerodha has disabled market orders on options than why restricting trades in illiquid options everyone knows the risk also in nifty can’t buy far otm for hedging as well as naked buying. can you guys draw a comparison in btw both fyers & zerodha on the above issues or on any other issues you have experienced.
ps: i’m trading with zerodha but my dad trade with traditional broker & now i’m pursuing him to open an account with zerodha or fyers so that he can huge brokerages & i can get extra pocket money from referral program​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

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Hello option trader,
Answering this from my personal point of view.
Zerodha and fyers are both good,
Problem with zerodha is often technical glitches occur with volatility because of large number of traders in there platform,
So let volatility subsides , zerodha will be stable :slight_smile:

Zerodha many times block illiquid options
And market orders
So you know there is a risk in that so they dont want you to get into trouble, They care for you :slight_smile:

In Nifty you can’t buy far otm for hedging and naked buying ,
Reason for that was OI restrictions of zerodha broker
as nithin recently said they will allow soon to buy the far otm in zerodha, there shouldn’t be the problem :slight_smile:

You want your dad to trade safe try FYERS
If not Zerodha for sure :slight_smile:

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It seems like zerodha is the best option but I do not see it as a good option. Wjhy is that. Well the first person to reply you has said that it has some glitches because there area lof of people that are using it. I personally do not like glitches. Glitches may cost you especially if you are carrying out an important transaction. Trust me when I tell you that you do not want that to happen. I would recommend that you refer your dad to fyers instead. You have to also look at which one of the two is safer. I am sure that o=if you do a background check then you will find out which one is the best suited for both you and your dad. Zerodha seems safer in my view.

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