Which one is better to automate trade using amibroker? Pi or Nest

Getting started for nest is given here. http://zerodha.com/z-connect/charting-coding-and-backtesting/automation/automating-trades-getting-started In it is written that cost for automation 6k per month.

Is it true for pi also? Or is it replaced by the cost of pi bridge i.e. 300?


I assume that U well aware of Semi and Fully Automatic Trading.

For Semi Automation Both Pi and Nest charges Rs300 /per month.

Semi Automation with PI is better than Nest…Bcoz Since the Pi & PiBridge is in-house Product of Zerodha…enabling and disabling and addressing Semi Automation query is much easy when compared to Nest Plus.

For Fully Automation…

The Price shown in the blog is charged by the Nest For full automation.

Pi has better plans for fully automation…for more details regarding price and procedures…

U can contact [email protected]

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