Which portfolio tool you are using to track your investments?

I am looking for a portfolio tracker for my investments in stocks and mutual funds, I was using money control but it doesn’t include realized profit and losses .So which tool you are using to track your investments?

Also if you can advise me some tool which includes

  1. realized profits and losses
  2. Mutual fund investments( direct)
  3. If possible, F&O track as well

For Equity & Mutual fund portfolio requirements you can try www.Valueresearch.com. it is free. I am using it since long time and quite happy with it.

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Its good but there is No CAGR graphs nd all, which I think is the basic thing to know at what rate my portfolio is growing?

I use Mprofit free version. No charts or graphs, mostly reports enough to keep track and file taxes.

Any other good & free option?

ET Markets, Yahoo Finance, Rediff Money, Investing dot com