Which section is responsible for STCG on Debt Mutual Funds in ITR?

Can anyone please help me with which section do we mention the profit realised in short term from a debt Mutual fund?
Do we take it from Yellow or Green?

Hi @ritz

The applicable section for STCG on Debt Mutual Funds would be the check box right under the green highlighted part, which is From sale of (i) listed securities (other than a unit) or zero coupon bonds where proviso under section 112(1) is applicable (ii) GDR of an Indian company referred in sec. 115ACA.

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@Quicko but sale of short term debt MF doesn’t lie in 112(1) (because it is not long term) or 115ACA().
How can this option be picked?

Hi @ritz

Apologies for the above response.

Profits from long-term or short-term debt mutual funds will be shown under “From sale of assets other than all the above listed items”. (Right above the yellow highlighted one)