Which sectors, themes and companies should we invest in the current bear market?

last 2 months have been hell. everything seems to b going dwn.

which companiies and sectors shud we focus on in this ongoing correction?

thanks in adv


I suggest you to wait for some more time before investing as bear market is far from being over.

In the meantime do fundamental analysis of companies and make a watchlist. Once they come below their fair valuation start accumulating.

I would be investing in Pharma, Healthcare, IT and FMCG sectors. Many companies in these sectors have fallen more and with some more correction, many of these companies will become much more attractive.

Note: These are my personal view and should not be treated as investment advice

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Pick market leaders in sectors like banking, pharma, auto for stable returns and focus on energy sector as a theme going forward for higher returns.

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I will stick with nifty instead of breaking my head on stocks. All sectors will be covered.

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I see a lot of potential in the banking and FMCG sector in the coming days.

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