Which Stock brokers have Mutual Funds in Demat Format?

  1. Zerodha Coin
  2. Upstox also provides Mutual Fund investment in Demat format as per their website.
    Any other options available?
  1. 5Paisa
  1. Fyers (As mentioned in their blog post)
  2. Alice Blue (As mentioned in their Learning Center)
  3. Samco via RankMF (As mentioned on their homepage)
  1. Groww
  2. Paytm
    May be not sure

why go for MFs ?
instead ; go for ETFs ; any time , any date , any amount , flexibility ; real time data ; holding in demat ; live trading in market ; less TER ; better returns ; real time live tracking , no exit load , no commission , no lockin , MFs can’t traded on the exchage , but ETFs can !!!

i don’t understand when ETFs are there ; why traders investors go for MFs ?

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ETFs don’t give the option of SIP. Also, most funds are not available as an ETF.