Which stock options have most liquidity at atm level?

title says it all. I want to know which option strikes are tradable on intraday level at atm strike or if other strikes would be better?

F&O stocks which are in nifty 50 can be traded. Liquidity is lot better esp in top 20 stocks like reliance, infy, TCS, HDFC Bank etc

For intraday, in my opinion ATM options are better with SL or if u wanna be more safe,maybe try ITM options

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itm options? Wouldnt they have less liquidity as sellers are not interested in them? Or are the dynamics different than index options here?

We may get bargain bets sometime in ITM options , not always like u rightly said, we need to keep an eye on opportunities.

buying ITM/ATM and selling OTM option is also a better strategy

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