Which trading is more profitable. Stocks, derivatives (future and option), currency or commodity?

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Profitability does not depend on the instrument you choose Pravin, it depends on the way you choose to trade these instruments.


it really depends upon ur method. also, ensure that the scrip u r trading is liquid, slippage could have an adverse effect on ur profitability, esp if u r trading options.

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In addition to what Karthik and Karuna have already mentioned, Stocks have one distinct advantage - one has flexibility about the quantity one can trade. This allows better position sizing, risk management and money management. It’s especially use full for retail trader particularly for newbie. All the other are leveraged products and have fixed contract sizes.


Stocks seems safe for inexperienced traders.

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I personally believe that trading in Derivative Index is easy rather having a number of different stocks in your portfolio.

Trading in stocks makes you to track all the stocks which are there in your portfolio and one may not get his full concentration in all the scripts;on the other hand if you track only Nifty or BankNifty you can give your full attention and read the levels and trade accordingly both the sides for a handsome profits.

Risk reward ratio in stocks is very high as compared to Index,choose yourself.

I think once you have the required skills and right mindset, you can with any counter, except Options.

Personally i believe, one should have additional skills to take more winning trades in Options. Reason being, option prices are affected by many factors. One of them being  Time Value, as the contract nears expiry.

Lot more factors, lot many calculations-  not my cup of tea :)

Stocks and Derivatives. In stocks particularly overnight trade CNC.

As you can see from the different answers here, people are more profitable in what they are adept at. It is possible a person makes more profits in intraday and a person more with options. Its a developed skillset over time.

Any of the instrument can be made profitable. We should learn from our mistakes.

definitely not currency…other than that anything.