Which website or Software is this?

Dear All,

Could anyone let me know about the image which I mentioned? Help me to find this website or software, where we get this type of chart, details, etc. Thanks.

It’s bloomberg terminal.

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Anyone knows which website provides this type of visual details.

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It’s https://trendlyne.com/


Thank you!

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@Preetam Rawat Even I feel it is the Bloomberg terminal though I am not sure.

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Any idea on this terminal ?

It’s NEST. I’m not sure though.

So, with the help NEST platform, we can find a huge volume, is it? Any NEST user is available here to confirm.

I’m not 100% sure though.
This is how it looks
(just got it on the internet).

This ‘NEST’ is something similar to ‘Edelweiss Xtreme terminal’. If you carefully note that image which posted.

The menu title is ‘Tickwatch NSE VOL OVER 5’ And in the table we have BS, Valuelks, Rate, PcntChng, Qty.

According to quantity, they reflect percentage changes. So for sure something different. Trying to find it unable to get it so far.

I got it. This screenshot is of Cogencis workstation. Anybody here in the forum using this workstation. Is it available? The last news about this is NSE acquired it and rebrand it as NSE Cogenics.


Any Idea on which mobile app this is?. Looking very clean chart-wise

It’s bloombergquint terminal

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It’s webull. Available for desktop version too.

Yes, mobile version is quiet handy, like a Swiss army knife.

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Oh, what a coincidence. Just one of my friends said app/ terminal name. Yeah, as you said, it’s a Swiss knife. Now, learning to use. Thanks mate!