While trying to buy a share,got a message as Rejected Reason:RMS limit exceeds, whereas I placed the price between lower and upper circuit limit

The price I quoted for limit order was 147, where the lower circuit limit was 118 and upper limit was 153. What might be the reason for rejection? Kindly clarify me…I have no much idea about share trading. So kindly let me know, what is this rms and how its limis influence in buying and selling of shares. Also tell me bout the SL-L, SL-M.

Does After Market Order serves like a queue that the order placed would be executed once the market opens on the next day or do we need to place the order again on next day?


RMS limit exceeds means that there is a shortage of money required to buy or sell shares.

SL-L means stoploss limit order.If we place sl-l order then we have to quote the sl price as limit which may not be executed all time rather SL-M means sl market order which will execute surely but not as the price we expect…