Who are option buyers? (Persona)

both the direction I am making loss. when Will I make profit? ( i know the answer but i want to know ur answer to gain more knowledge)

okay thanks for explanation. i understood your point. but let me tell u this, from P&L point of view . If i buy option, if market moves as expected I might loose some money due to time decay. IF market moves against our expected direction I LOOSE MORE.

you are comparing loss happened with loss that could have happened with the same delta. obvi delta gets adjusted. tetha also need to be considered and not the number, its percentage. at what percentage its falling. ( you are talking about weekly option buying, Oh my lakhmi devi save me :clap: )

see when option premium is falling it buys time value. so ur mathematics is simple only no one said its difficult. understand the point that index need to move MORE in OUR direction so that we can END UP NOT MAKING LOSS.

There are just theories and then there are a subset of such theories backed by practical outcomes. As you see in my p&l, the theory I put forth works based on my trading system signal quality and metrics.

You are a very desciplined, heathly mindset trader. BUT this will not change how options works.

u see ur P&L and u tell wat u think which strategies work.

thats exactly nithin did. he saw P&L of his clients ( idk how many) and said this

lets assume that i am a beginner with 30-40k and know few terms and definitions. then i would DEFINITELY take nithin’s words very seriously. because that capital is very huge for me.

Edison said DC power transmission was the way to go and AC power is risky. But then Tesla proved that AC power transmission is much more efficient and less risky if used properly. Now we see AC power transmission only.

Up to you to choose and use what you want to. I will be happy if you make money from the market which ever method you choose. All the best.

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here @nithin is Edison and you are tesla ? :crazy_face:

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here tesla is referred to Nikola Tesal not Elon Musk

My bad

Anime is my poison & Market is why I’m continuing to live

Could you please explain this statement of yours

“When I win I do give away points due to time value decay. But when I loose I also gain points due to time value effect.”

I’m still trying to figure out options trading.

Option buyers encompass a diverse range of participants, from individual investors to large institutions, all seeking various objectives in the financial markets. They engage in purchasing options contracts, paying a premium to the option seller for the associated rights.