Who can play the Vakrangee game?

After falling from 500 levels, circuit opens at 154 and goes to 295.

Then from 295 to 120, where circuit opens and surprisingly again back to lower circuit within two days.

Now circuit opened at 31 and hit UC for two days. Again shockingly back to lower circuit.

We all know lot of swing traders are there, even “investors” who try to find stock which have fallen due to panic and can give multibagger returns just due to the fact they fell too much.

Lets say circuit opens again at 10 or 20, in general, what is your policy towards Vakrangee now?

Stay away Sir, no point in figuring any logic in Vakrangee, PCJ etc.


Ha Ha… Interesting question. I think those who can play the Vakrangee game well are sitting on a yacht, sipping whatever it is the ultra rich sip, & not on this forum, :stuck_out_tongue: .

But my untested, noob strategy around circuit stocks as a pure gamble was -

While stock is in LC, a buy stop order with a trigger about a percent or two above LC price

Once LC opens, you enter automatically & hopefully, the stock hits UC

Hold so long as UCs are hit in Pre-open. Anything less than UC in Pre-open, exit immediately

Gamble worked well in Apex Frozen Foods. (Then again, that was a Melt-Up market). In Vakrangee, entered & exited almost immediately without much benefit, because the UC wasn’t hit in the next Pre-open.

HTH. Of course, take the above with a bag of salt. I agree with the other poster that it’s a gamble. :slight_smile:

He is newbie, he has lots to learn.

Exactly, I also enjoyed with Apex Frozen and Grob Tea in their heydays.

But Vakrangee irritated the hell out of me with breaking circuits.

Now if I had some money to risk and spare, I would have indulged but I let it go. Lets see how its Qtr results come first.

Dont be so rigid sir, now it has declared its results date. Now if it goes to 100 in short term, and 500 in long term, then who will be the newbie? :smiley:

Its obvious this thread is only for risk takers not for people who always stick to blue chips

We have all kind of investors in this market and nothing is wrong if you agree to the risks associated with that investing style

Congrats on Apex & Grob… Well played, :slight_smile: .

But you’re right. With Apex, there were quite a few things going for it - Good fundamentals/numbers, IPO fever, an extremely bullish market & most importantly, the Avanti effect. So a much better gamble than Vakrangee.

With Vakrangee, it’s the opposite. So it’s better to sit out unless you have excess cash you are willing to lose. So I agree with your decision of sitting on the sidelines.

What really surprised me was Gitanjali. Don’t quite get who bought that at 3 bucks, :stuck_out_tongue: .

PS - Those adopting a condescending tone towards Newbie are missing the fact that he has a 420 in his username as well, :slight_smile: .

PPS - @Newbie420, Would you happen to be the same chap who goes under the pseudonym of LCer/UCer on mmb? Just curious.

By mmb, you mean Moneycontrol? I am there with my real name, i thot its a serious investing forum and kept my real name as username, later realising how comedic it is

Tried searching that user id, couldnt find on mmb, LCr/Ucr

Ah okay… Yes, I did mean Moneycontrol… & the actual username is Lower Circuiter, Upper Circuiter.

Just put the areas of interest (Vakrangee/Circuits) & the cat dp together & came to a wrong conclusion. Sorry… No offense meant.

Yes, Moneycontrol is comedic but at times can be a good source of info. So I do tend to scan for info there. The biggest trouble is differentiating between who’s genuine & who’s a troll. (For instance, a user with the handle ‘Sinkingship’ was extremely bearish on Apex recently. I’d be genuinely interested in knowing his logic, unless he’s a troll as well, :slight_smile: ).

Any other Indian forum with an active community you’ve come across? I only know of Valuepickr.

Yes Valuepickr is good for hardcore investors

Moneycontrol I usually try to stay away, lot of people with vested interests posting there

I dont want my investment or trades to be influenced by those, even inadvertently

Agree that a tendency to be influenced can creep up. Anyhow, good day & good luck for your future trades. Cheers.

Regarding Vakrangee, my thought is - Never try catching a falling knife.