Who holds the record for the consecutive profit days in Intraday in Zerodha?

100 days!?

Tat kind of streak run would be be so unreal.
I have won the 60days challenge, and I thought my profit streak run of 6 days was wow.

But 100 days would be something. Looking forward for traders coming up with this claim.

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I was one of the star trader at zerodha’s opentrade, and longest winning streak for me was 13 days in raw!!

then i made losses and it followed by 7-8 days consistently profit!!

so in my view , no one is profitable each and every day consistently without single losing day!!

I do write trading set up every morning in tradingqna for others traders s, you can check them out!!

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Stay tuned there will be someone for sure.You did 60 days best of luck for your 100 days.Maybe you and Me are the next one :slightly_smiling_face:. Fingers crossed.

13 day streak is amazing and commendable. Hope you will make new record sooner. But i think someone will not claim such thing openly because of privacy issues.

Hmm, I am not certainly looking forward for a 100 days winning streak. Reason being, that expectation will screw my head. And the head being the engine of this game.

I have come to terms with the reality that losses and wins are there, and you can’t never predict the sequence of the outcome.

Yes, I do like to win like 100 days in a row. Well, everyone ll love. But I don’t want to get serious about it.:smile:

Your thread was interesting by the way. Enjoy rest of the Sunday.

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Is there anyway that Zerodha can share these interesting stats with us without revealing the person. I would like to know winning streaks and loosing streaks.

that’s what i am saying, it’s possible and even you can do it in practice account.
but, streak of 100 is rock hard even for warren buffet or damani. honest investors admit it themselves.

a trader mention having years of only profitability, and in an other video of same person he says he has a broker who provides such services which discount brokers don’t provide, means that is his practice account only. use your mind bhai.


@Harsh_Sharma, use the hack given and be in such list

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At least you admitted its possible :joy:

Maybe its not 100 days but 20 - 30 days is i think still possible. If Zerodha releases such stats it would be nice.

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Dear @Harsh_Sharma I think you are a Brand new Amateur trader in trading arena as well as on Zerodha platform.

Zerodha was showing all the stats of “Star Traders” like longest consecutive winning days, avg consecutive winning days, longest consecutive losing days, etc on it’s portal “Open Trade” but it had to shut shop due to SEBI Regulations in 2018. The Star Traders on Open Trade portal had accepted the T&C and Zerodha was disclosing their trading data (not everything) publicly and traders were following them & their trading activities (mimic them) for a small fee. I had seen Star Traders with 13 to 14 consecutive winning days.
Have you heard about consequence of such long winning streak? Have you heard about Euphoric Self Sabotage of traders? I don’t think so. Trade for atleast 3 yrs regularly & you will get all the answers. When you become 1,000 trades old you will stop asking this type of meaningless questions.


ya bro, 20-30 are possible for an active knowledgeable trader. but keep in mind streak is nothing, only one thing matters at the end, which is your monthly / quarterly / annual closing return

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Just read this thread. My previous record streak was 19 days and my current ongoing streak is 22 and still going. Hoping for the best. We tend to beat our own streaks. It really is a nice feeling to have such streaks. It encourages to be very cautious and not taking unnecessary trades. I hope you must be having some good streaks as well. :slight_smile:

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I only made upto 8 days several times not like yours 22 or 18 but i am optimistic that at least 100 days is possible.

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Wishing you good luck for better streaks. But anyway how much money we make is all that matters. I’ll update this thread once I reach a good number.

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What is the longest win streak you are looking for? Most number of winning trades in a row? Or most consecutive days in green?

I am looking for most consecutive days in Green.

it doesnt matter, what matters is your R:R.
whats the use if one loss wipes out 10 days profit

I have reached 51 days as of today. I think 100 is possible. But it is not easy.

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I posted this question because i think trading institutions used to have this winning streak as they have huge money with them. They can make money in any situation whether market fall, go up or stay stagnant