Who is the owner of the land?

In the annual report, the company has shown land as their asset while auditors have commented that title deeds of land are held in the name of the relative of a director. Does that means company doesn’t own the land.?

The land is listed under assets by company:

Auditor’s comment:

Both snapshots are taken from the annual report.

Can you specify the company name?

If the relative is not holding any Position in company and his name is not mentioned in any documents and If the relative have No role to play In Company Profit & Loss And any other type of work related to Company Then Yes company Don’t own the Land.

( I am not sure about any Legal information related to this. This is just what I am Thinking )

@Spaceship Company name is Jagan Lamps Ltd. @Lets_Invest Who owns the land, name not mentioned in the report.?