Who provides 95% accuracy Future trading calls

I know i should not depend on others call.
But due to job i m not getting time to analyze the stocks for future trading.

Is there any F&O call provider with 95% accuracy?

LOL! If he hits 95%, do you think he would be giving calls?


No One, LOL


Yes, only GOD can do that.

I suggest you go to temple/church/masjid.


I knew someone who can do that. Unfortunately he died in 1983. His name was master yoda.

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lol why 95% you should have written 105% accuracy

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Ok! Tell me about the one with 75%.
If u dont know dont comment plz

Here is not possible but in options , if you trade in options and you get loss current rate i have an idea minimies loss or go to profit also in your trade, but one condition, invest more and carry forward your position still expiry date.
This idea is option writers only.
If you are writer or loss any position pl.share with me, i am sure you will out of your loss and may be in profit also…

Don’t know about 95% but there are ppl giving 100 % accuracy .u sudden approach them .but test them 1st then proceed

Dear Friend, May be call givers are true sometimes.
But you must study and understand the stock market and then you can create trades yourself with 95% accuracy and profits.

My personal advice don’t go after such calls.

nobody can predict calls with 95% accuracy…can expect 50 to 60% success rate from top traders i mean proffesional traders…and remeber if they can predict 60% they wont sell their call …they will trade and make profit…its foolishness to expect trading calls from expert for montly subcription…

One must study, understand basics and then enter trading. That would be more fruitful.

WE will give you 60% to 75% accuracy