Who will be the next RBI Governer Guys?

Who will be the next RBI Governer after RaghuRam Rajan’s Exit

Below are few prominent names

  1. Urjit R Patel

  2. Vijay Kelkar

3 Arundhati Bhattacharya

4 Rakesh Mohan

  1. Ashok K Lahiri
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Acc. to me Arundhati shouldn’t be the RBI governer.She increased bad loans in her tenure.

And whoever may be RBI governer they all have to follow and carry forward govt. policies.


npa’s did not increase during arundhati bhattarchaya’s tenure as head of SBI , she had inherited those npa’s from mr chaudhri the former head of sbi . but she is not a good choice for guv of rbi tat i agree wit u guys , even urjit patel is not a good choice for guv of rbi , mr patel is also a IMF and a world bank puppet which govt is trying to avoid . i feel someone very unexpected will be declared as guv of rbi . my best guess is it can be Mr Mundra or Mr Khan or Mr Subramaniam swamy(he has the credentials and honesty for the job )

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I think modi should himself become rbi governor as he thinks he can do anything &*$%$

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I know who the next RBI governor will be. My question to you - What will I get if I give you the right answer?

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your question aag laga dene wala question ban gaya.lol

I am 100 agreeing to you …Arundhathi should not come as RBI chief…I feel Urjith would be the best choice

Lo DDK, swalpa DDT tindu malko

What the heck you are saying.idk.

Inherited but done nothing to reduce it up.It increased many folds.See SBI financial report first.

understand wat the gov and Rbi are trying to acheive with their policies before reading the financial report of SBI , The govt has directed RBI to clean up the NPA issue which was hampering GDP growth and liquidity in the financial system ., so even if Dr Rajan was the Head of SBI … the financial report of sbi would have been the same not better … PERIOD . so before asking someone to do or read something… instead understand wats happening in the economy , do ur homework and get your facts straight … DDK . This is a forum to discuss abt markets … its not a forum for Chest Pumping !!

Who’s chest pumping…Its you Mr.If you want to be jingoistic and egoistic approach,ok then good for you.I am not such a better analyser.Period.

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